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Prototyping, low volume production, in-house lab, TS 16949 certified

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  • Engineering & Modeling
  • Automated Molding
  • Gray & Ductile Iron and Aluminum
  • 100% Sand Reclamation
1 Engineering & Modeling2 Automated Molding3 Gray & Ductile Iron and Aluminum4 100% Sand Reclamation5

Pattern Making

The process to quality castings begins with quality patterns and core boxes. Innovative Castings proudly makes 100% of our patterns and core boxes in-house. Critical engineering, design, modeling and CNC machining are involved in the process of making patterns and core boxes for production castings and prototypes.

Dualtech Foundry

Dualtech Foundry offers you the widest range of tooling and casting expertise from the prototype stage through final production. We offer complete fully machined gray & ductile iron, hi sil moly, ni resist and aluminum castings. From start to finish, we turn ideas into prototypes and prototypes into production.


While pattern making is at the heart of the foundry, machining is the final important stage needed to inspect and complete your part. Our in-house machine shop has a comprehensive CNC operation to handle all your complex machining needs both accurately and quickly.


Innovative Castings / Dualtech is a Tier 1 supplier, vertically integrated supplier of machined components to some of the world’s largest companies. We strive to continually improve to meet our customer’s demands and deliver, on time, a defect free product.


Innovative Casting began in 1997 as a pattern shop and a machine shop focused on producing prototypes. From the beginning, the goal was to supply short-run, complete machined parts accurately and quickly. Dualtech Foundry was added in 2002 and has since been a producer of complex prototypes and castings for some of our country’s largest companies including Cummins and Caterpillar.

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