About Us


Innovative Casting Technologies began in 1997 as a pattern shop and a machine shop focused on producing prototypes. From the beginning, the goal was to supply short-run, complete machined parts accurately and quickly.

Dualtech Foundry was added in 2002 and has since been a producer of complex prototypes and castings for some of our country’s largest companies including Cummins and Caterpillar. In 2008, a fire destroyed the Dualtech Foundry and a new one was built. During the time the foundry was being built, Dualtech and its employees ran a second shift at a nearby foundry and never missed a delivery.

Today ICT-Dualtech Foundry employs over 50 employees and has further expanded operations to include a dedicated pattern making building, new shipping/receiving building, new headquarters and expanded the foundry with advanced automation.

We turn ideas into prototypes...

It's all in-house. From the knowledge and techniques, to patterns, castings, machining and CMM verifications.

Modern technologies enable us to create both models and secondary tooling in a matter of days or even hours. Prototype models offer the chance to check form, fit, function and also evaluate the new product design visually.

With a wide range of prototype knowledge, using the latest in computer-aided design (CAD) and computer-aided manufacturing (CAM) equipment, ICT, Inc., has the capacity to deliver a fast and cost-effective prototype.

CNC machining plays a key role in creating tooling, such as patterns, core boxes, and finished machined castings.

Our casting and machining can be verified using CMM to your print or a direct overlay to the CAD file.

...and prototypes into finished parts.

Walk next door, and you can see efficient low-volume production in ICT's Dualtech Foundry.

In 2017, we purchased a 3D metal printer and opened Innovative 3D Manufacturing. We produce metal parts and prototypes for automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

Together, ICT-Dualtech and ICT-Innovative 3D Manufacturing can accelerate your product development cycles, which reduces time to market. Our foundry houses a complete in-house laboratory for verification of chemical and mechanical properties and microstructures along with a complete dimensional casting layout report. Our 3D metal printing operation includes a plastic 3D printer for prototypes.

Prototypes and Low Volume Production...
have never been easier.

“ICT’s takes a continuous improvement approach with all of its projects to increase production, reduce waste, decrease lead times and improve quality. We take pride in actively pursuing the most advanced production and molding technologies to accomplish our goals.”

Jack Laugle
Innovative Casting Technologies

“Our mechanical and thermal reclaim systems ensure 100% Sand Reclamation. This provides economic and environmental benefits as no sand leaves our foundry for the landfill. This reduces waste, disposal, and transportation costs. Casting quality is also improved as reclaimed sand produces strong molds and cores.”

Brian Claycamp
ICT – Dualtech Foundry

“Our 3D metal printer is an AM technology that is revolutionizing the design and prototyping world especially in transportation and medical industries because part weight can be reduced significantly. Conformal cooling is another key advantage of 3D metal printing as it gives the mold maker the ability to add water cooling lines in tight spots and follow very complex contours.”

Chris Beck
ICT – Innovative 3D Manufacturing