Innovative Casting Technologies (ICT) serves many industries throughout our growing campus. Dualtech Foundry pours both Gray & Ductile Iron, Hi Sil Moly, Ni Resist and Aluminum 319 and 356 for demanding construction and heavy equipment manufacturing. ICT – Innovative 3D Manufacturing serves automotive, aerospace and medical industries.

Providing you with options in both production and prototype development is what ICT is all about. Have a part you would like evaluated for our highly automated molding facility, or for 3D Metal Printing? Contact Us!

Organizations using metal parts can make a thorough analysis of current product and production lifecycles to reveal gaps where metal additive manufacturing could prove advantageous - in reducing development time, production steps, costs and use of material.




“ICT’s takes a continuous improvement approach with all of its projects to increase production, reduce waste, decrease lead times and improve quality. We take pride in actively pursuing the most advanced production and molding technologies to accomplish our goals.”

Jack Laugle
Innovative Casting Technologies

“Our mechanical and thermal reclaim systems ensure 100% Sand Reclamation. This provides economic and environmental benefits as no sand leaves our foundry for the landfill. This reduces waste, disposal, and transportation costs. Casting quality is also improved as reclaimed sand produces strong molds and cores.”

Brian Claycamp
ICT – Dualtech Foundry

“Our 3D metal printer is an AM technology that is revolutionizing the design and prototyping world especially in transportation and medical industries because part weight can be reduced significantly. Conformal cooling is another key advantage of 3D metal printing as it gives the mold maker the ability to add water cooling lines in tight spots and follow very complex contours.”

Chris Beck
ICT – Innovative 3D Manufacturing